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The Best Arcade Games of The 1980s

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The 80s were the golden age of arcades, and there was nothing loved more than getting quarters ready and going to the arcade. Below is a list of the most popular arcade games from the 1980s to help you relive your childhood memories. If you want to know which video game was popular at your local arcade or if you’re looking for ideas for a themed party, you have everything you need right here.


pac man 80s

This was a popular arcade game in the 1980s. Players controlled Pac-man through mazes, eating Pac dots and avoiding ghosts. The player’s goal is to score as many points by collecting items and defeating enemies while dodging dangers such as ghosts until all lives are lost, or they have reached their highest achievable level of play before that point. Pac Man was one of those video games you either grew up playing at home on your Nintendo system or played during lunch breaks when going out for pizza with friends from school (before smartphones). There wasn’t much better than chomping down some power pellets chasing after every ghostly enemy in sight.

Asteroids Games

asteroid game

One of the known staples of the 1980s arcade games. Asteroids, an iconic space shooter game popular in the era, can be played on many different platforms like Atari 2600 or Sega Dreamcast today. It is one of those classic video games you simply have to try if you never had before, as it has stood the test time and continues to delight gamers with its simple yet addictive gameplay.

The Missile Command

missile command

This was also a popular arcade game. It is set in a fictional world where players are required to protect their six cities from incoming enemy missiles by using laser cannons mounted on rotating bases that can move up and down and left or right. Players must destroy all ballistic missile attacks before they reach any one of their city, while at the same time avoiding direct hits themselves; if either happens then, it will result in losing lives which could be regained through continued play sessions with an extra life awarded every 10,000 points earned across each session.

Donkey Kong

donkey kong 80s

The King of Kong himself made his appearance in 1981, produced by Nintendo. Players control Mario through three different phases to save Princess Daisy. Its success made it one of the most recognizable arcade games in history.


donkey kong 80s

A lesser-known arcade title from Namco stars Mappy collecting stolen goods from cats turned thieves. The player controls Mappy through different levels in a maze-like environment while avoiding the enemies and their traps.

Dig Dug

dig dug game 80s

An arcade classic from Namco ported to various consoles features players controlling the rotund hero digging under rocks and pumping air into enemies to defeat them. Players score points by passing certain checkpoints; gaining more is awarded at each level’s end before moving on to the next one. Another sequel, Dig Dug II, followed years later but didn’t succeed as its predecessor.

Bubble Bobble

bubble bobble

It is a popular co-op game where two players control dinosaurs chasing down enemies by trapping them inside bubbles they create and then popping those bubbles to defeat them. The title was ported to many consoles after its initial arcade release, including the NES, which is why most people have experienced it that way.

The 1980s were a decade of innovation for arcade games, with many new titles being released and old favorites still going strong. These 1980s arcade games were the most popular in their day, as they continue to be a favorite for those who love retro gaming.

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