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Remembering “The Joy Of Painting” with Bob Ross

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If you grew up in the 1980s, chances are you saw The Joy Of Painting with Bob Ross. It was one of those magical one of a kind shows that always brings us fond memories when we look back on.

The show literally taught millions of people that they too could learn how to paint, and it also taught us some great life lessons as well.

But what made the show so great, and why is it a 1980s classic?

The Joy Of Painting With Bob Ross

We have all seen at least snippets here and there or have at least heard of Bob Ross before. This famously calm man absolutely loved to paint and make people happy. Not only was he famous just in general for his paintings and how-to videos, but for that famous saying that we all know and love: It’s just a happy little accident!

We all love this saying from Ross, because we know that things happen in life but we can’t always help it. But Ross would always remind us that though things may happen, it’ll be okay in the end.

bob ross joy of painting
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Bob Ross’ TV show had originally aired in January of 1983 and lasted on PBS until May of 1994. It even had quite the run with a whopping 31 seasons under its belt before going off air. This gave a total of 403 episodes and with each lasting 30 mins, that gives a total of roughly 12,090 hours of The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross to watch! How cool is that?

Remembering TV show “The Joy Of Painting” with Bob Ross in the 1980s was definitely a joy to all who watched it and for those continuing to let him live on through us learning how to do what he loved. Then we too, in turn can help to make ourselves happy and give others joy with our paintings.

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One of the most loved things about Ross’ painting videos was that even though they were only 30 mins each, he went slowly enough that if anyone wanted to, they could follow along with him and paint.

The shows were so good at allowing for that, these days people now have date nights painting with Bob Ross, because what more fun could you have then to have a romantic painting date night? Ooh la la…

However, no matter the way that a painter teaches or explains how to do something, you have to experience it yourself, and Ross helped people do just that. His calm and grounded demeanor steadied many anxious hands that wanted to learn or pick the hobby back up. Here’s an example of Bob’s skillful teaching at work:

This therapeutic-like painter has won the hearts of millions with his paintings. After Bob Ross started getting bigger and making more episodes, he started his painting website and started selling the types of brushes and painting items that he would use in his videos.

People loved being able to get the same items that he used and painted alongside him, whether during his show, or after while re-watching it so that they could take it slower.

Now when you visit his website, there are many of his products available from paint brushes and canvases to some awesome gear to wear and maybe even take a class!

Bob Ross was able to reach out to millions of people through his show, “The Joy Of Painting” with Bob Ross. And sadly though he has passed, we still can remember and honor him by watching his videos today and sharing our work with others.

Bob Ross will always be in our hearts, minds, and paintings to come, and we will always remember him as one of the heroes of the 1980s.

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