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80's Accessories Jan 03, 2022

In the 1980s Trucker Hats were a fashion trend that swept a nation. It was a hip fad to have ‘trucker hats’. These were novelty hats with mesh backs and fronts so that sweaty hair underneath could be cooled by the passing breeze.

When we think of 80s fashion, we often think of bright and loud clothing. However there was also a more mellow side to the fashion with people wearing more practical accessories, one of course being the 80s trucker hat.

Why Were Trucker Hats Popular In The 80s?

The Trucker Hat has a long though low-key history when it comes to fashion. Arguably they hit their heyday during the 1980s, and they could be found almost everywhere being worn by everyone from young children to grown adults.

Although this may seem like a boring style today, there are some very real reasons people loved wearing these trucker hats in the 80s.

So why were Trucker Hats so popular in the 1980s?

1. They Were Comfortable

mesh trucker hat
Trucker Hats had a mesh back and adjustable strap for comfort

In an era where big hair ruled supreme, all women wanted to find styles that kept their locks from being crushed into oblivion. Sweaty hard hats just wouldn’t do. Truckers’ caps had mesh backs, making them much lighter than other types of hats. They also had an adjustable strap to basically custom fit to any size head. This made it possible for women everywhere to also wear fitted (but still comfortable) hats without killing their big hair.

2. They Were Practical

trucker cap

A trucker hat was just that – a hat for truckers. It had at least one feature any other type of hat did not – pockets! Casual streetwear in the 80s was often decorated with small pockets on the outside. Trucker caps were no exception.

Even better, because these pockets were mesh, they could be buttoned onto even tighter fitting clothes to keep all sorts of things close by during adventures around town (and conversely to keep your hands free while you played arcade games).

3. They Were Retro

sega trucker hat
Trucker Hats come in many vintage styles

Trucker hats come in a variety of styles, but some of the most popular versions are the retro ones. These retro design bring back memories of a time gone by that we have nostalgic feelings for.

Whether they be logos of companies that are no longer around, or even retro versions of logos of stuff we have today, a big fashion trend when it comes to trucker hats are definitely the ones with retro style.

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4. They Were Affordable

pepsi trucker hat
Trucker Hats were often given out for free as promotional items

Another great thing about trucker hats were that they were very affordable. In comparison to their designer counterparts, trucker hats were usually much cheaper, and in fact sometimes given away for free as promotional items for companies.

Stylish, comfortable, AND free? What more could you ask for really.

5. They Were Fun To Collect

trucker hats
Trucker Hats were a common fashion to collect in the 1980s

Once they became popular, trucker hats were mass-produced in large numbers. This made them available to the masses at affordable prices. It was easy for anyone who ever wanted to pick up their very own trucker hat that suited their tastes.

In fact collecting these hats become a popular hobby during the 1980s. People who wore these would have at least 5-10 different ones, and all usually from companies or brands that they appreciated.

6. They Were Uniquely Stylish

trucker hat fashion

Trucker hats were and are still stylish today. Whether you wear it as part of a throwback outfit or even just in your every day routine, these hats have never really gone out of style.

Trucker hats are indeed very retro and unique. It was a fashion trend in the 1980s because of its mesh back which made it lightweight, practical, functional, and comfortable to wear for everyone.

Though not as popular as it was in the 1980s, they are still around and still look great today. Were you a fan of the trucker hat in the 1980s?

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