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Fingerless Gloves

80's Accessories Jan 02, 2014

During the middle of the 1980’s fingerless gloves started to become very fashionable. It’s thought they became very popular at around 1984, as a wide variety of pop and rock stars wore them as accessories.

There was a time when fingerless gloves served a non-fashion related purpose, and they merely helped to keep the wearers hands warm, while enabling them to use their fingers with ease. But the 1980’s soon put pay to that as they were thrust into the spotlight and became a fashion accessory that anyone and everyone needed.

80s Fingerless Gloves

The 1980s was when fingerless gloves really started to gain popularity. Celebrities like Madonna and Michael Jackson wore them, and they were also popular in the punk rock movement.

New Romantics

When New Romantics hit the music scene, they often wore a lot of lace shirts, and to finish off that lace-look quite nicely, they wore a pair of fingerless gloves that matched their outfits.

But it wasn’t just the New Romantics who made this unique accessory popular, some punks occasionally wore them too, while others wore a similar accessory, a studded wristband that looked like a glove, and made the statement they wanted.

fingerless gloves

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The Cut Off Look

Another fashion craze was to hit the 80’s at the same time as fingerless gloves did. This craze was the ‘Cut off’ look.

Many people were more than happy to cut the end off their pants, sleeves and even leg warmers. Because this look was so popular, fingerless gloves complemented it quite nicely, and helped them to become more popular than ever.

80s Celebrities

Teenagers and young adults love to emulate their idols, and in the 80’s they would dress like their idols, no matter what they wore. The popularity of fingerless gloves didn’t really take off until well-known people started to wear them.

Madonna for instance, was often seen to be wearing a pair of fingerless gloves. This meant fingerless gloves started to become very popular, and the demand for them grew and grew.

Madonna fingerless gloves
Madonna Seen Wearing “Fingerless Gloves” In The 80s

If you wanted to look good, if you wanted to be in touch with the latest fashion, then you needed to wear a pair of fingerless gloves. This great accessory started to come in all different designs and colors, which meant they were accessible to all and great for all tastes and ages.
Towards the end of the 1980’s Madonna was seen to be wearing more and more fingered gloves, and in some cases, those with an open palm. This meant the popularity of fingerless gloves was not what it used to be, but as Billy Idol began to wear one on his right hand, they were loved by a new group of people.

billy idol fingerless gloves
Billy Idol Wearing “Fingerless Gloves”

These punks and rockers who loved Billy Idol and his music were more than happy to copy the star and dress just as he did. This helped fingerless gloves to remain a ‘Must-have’ accessory for a little while longer, meaning there was more choice for the wider market that could now look good, while keeping warm.
Fingerless gloves are not as popular as they once were, but as the ‘Retro’ look is getting more and more popular, it won’t be long before we see more and more people wearing gloves that look good with just about any outfit.

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