Bucket Hats

If you wanted to be hip, if you wanted to wear something that gave you a bit of status, then you needed to wear a bucket hat. These large hats looked cool, they came in lots of different styles and all the famous rappers wore them.
Bucket hats didn’t only look good, they also helped to protect you from the sun and even a spot of rain. So while you were at the all-night rave, you were protected from the elements while sporting a hat that made you look cool.
Originally worn by fisherman and farmers in Ireland, bucket hats have now managed to find their way around the globe and be loved and worn by people everywhere.
The well-known 80’s rapper LL Cool J would often wear a bucket hat, as did his fans who wanted to be like him. But it wasn’t just LL Cool J who would wear a fabulous looking bucket hat, it was other rappers too.

The Street Scene
There was a time when rappers and their fans would wear bucket hats, but somehow these hats became a part of the street scene, especially among those who liked to travel and do tricks on a skate board.
If you’re out for hours in the hot, hot sun and need a hat to protect you, a bucket hat would do the job quite nicely. Because this excellent type of hat became popular on the street, new designs found their way onto the market, which meant we all had a lot more choice and that had to be a good thing.
Bands such as Run DMC started to wear bucket hats, making them even more popular among teenagers and young adults. If your favorite band wears a specific hat, chances are you’re going to want to wear one too.

bucket hats

Because bucket hats were often in the limelight, they almost became commonplace. You could go to just about any beach or skate park and see people of all ages wearing a bucket hat.
Different Styles
Although a lot of people used to buy plain bucket hats that had a logo or motif at the front, there were those who made use of the different styles that began to find their way on to the market. As well as the popular regular bucket hats, you could also buy vintage bucket hats that came with old-looking designs, furry bucket hats that were certainly quite unique, and those that came with straps or ties that meant they would stay in place and add that extra touch of ‘Cool’.
Flipped up bucket hats also started to appear on the scene, the hats weren’t any different in themselves, the peak has simply been turned up to give the wearer a better view when they were pulling stunts on their skateboard.
The 80’s And Beyond
Bucket hats may have been made popular in the 80’s, but they found their way into the 90’s as well, thanks to them being continuously worn by our favorite rappers. Although bucket hats are not as popular as they once were, every now and again you can spot one, because quite simply, style never goes out of fashion.