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“Call Me” By Blondie Kicks Of 80s Music In A Big Way

80's Music Jun 03, 2022

“Call Me” is one of those 1980s songs that kicked off the unique sound of the decade. Towards the end of the 70s music was going under a transformation, and Blondie dropped a hit in January of 1980 that would bring a new type of sound to the scene.

Blondie was a group that had been around since the mid-70s, but it was “Call Me” that really put them on the map.

The sound was gritty and new, and listeners in the 80s were receptive to what the group was giving out.

“Call Me” had that emerging “New Wave” sound, and we remember it as one of those throwback hits that embodied the spirit of the music of the 1980s.

Call On Me By Blondie

“Call Me” is a hit song that was released by Blondie, a prominent pop and new wave act from the United States. Giorgio Moroder came up with the music for the track. Debbie Harry, on the other hand, came up with its lyrics.

“Call Me” has a lot of significance in the cinematic realm. That’s because it was American Gigolo’s theme song. American Gigolo was a crime film that came out in 1980, and it starred Lauren Hutton, Richard Gere and Hector Elizondo, among other talents.

American Gigolo
“Call Me” Was Featured On The “American Gigolo” (1980) Soundtrack
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Recording of the track took place in New York, New York in August of 1979. “Call Me” became a radio sensation pretty quickly after it was released. It spent weeks and weeks on end on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. It also became Blondie’s most popular single.

“Call Me” wasn’t just a big deal on American soil either. Although it gained number one status in the United States, it achieved the same thing in both Canada and in the United Kingdom.

The Rise In Popularity Of “Call Me”

It’s no surprise that “Call Me” became a favorite back in the eighties. People appreciated Harry’s sultry vocal delivery. They also appreciated the command she had over her vocal style. That’s the reason the track continues to resonate with dedicated audiences all over the globe.

call me blondie
“Call Me” Was Released On January 29, 1980

The genre of the song also made a massive impression on audiences in many nations. It epitomized the charms of the new wave arena. It had intense disco and dance rock elements, too.

People could easily and effortlessly sing along to the song in the car and in the shower. They could just as easily sing along to it on the dance floor in the middle of an action-packed club or lounge.

The song’s lyrics are yet another component of its massive popularity. They revolved around American Gigolo and were from the point-of-view of the flick’s protagonist. The lyrics are simultaneously straightforward and mysterious. They’re a big part of the song’s lasting and strong appeal.

debbie harry blondie
“Call Me” Made Debbie Harry And Blondie Immensely Popular During The 1980s

Advertising also helped contribute to the song’s enormous popularity during the 1980s. British Telecom has the distinction of being one of the most well-known telecommunications companies on the planet, and “Call Me” played in the background of a British Telecom commercial not long after its release. That opened the track up to much bigger audiences in the United Kingdom.

“Call Me” received mentions from many celebrated media outlets. The famed “Village Voice” named it as being among 1980’s finest tracks.

Billboard indicated that “Call Me” was among Blondie’s finest moments as well. The Guardian had an equally positive opinion of the song, and the song will always be remembered as one of the pioneers that kicked off what many continue to believe was the greatest decade of music ever.

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