The 1980s Garfield And Friends We All Loved

I don’t think I’ve met someone who hasn’t seen or liked an ’80’s cartoon. One that has now been loved since it first aired for the very first time in 1978. That cartoon is Garfield. He’s known for his most famous saying that people have now come to adapt to their own lives and share the distaste for Mondays. He purred his way to success with his show in the ’80’s. ‘Garfield and Friends’, which aired from 1988 until 1994, that’s 6 years of some good old lovable Garfield. Which meant it had 7 seasons to show off for years to come.

garfield and friends

Even though there has been different variations of this beloved feline, His character never seems to change which makes it even better for fans everywhere. New adventures that allow you to come along and see what troubles await them. Or possibly take a nap because…why not? Garfield showed fans everywhere that even though you get grumpy, it doesn’t mean that it’s the end of the world.

Or if they bring a dog home that everything will still be all right. Garfield was also known for his favorite plush, partner in crime, Pooky teddy bear which always kept him company. Everyone needs a friend and Garfield was a lot of peoples friend and still remains to be today. It’s a classic for the adults and exciting for the kids.

Garfield and pooky

With 121 episodes there were plenty to watch over and over again whether alone or with the family. These happy-go-lucky friends are always getting into something and having some kind of exciting thing happen. With their light banter and comedic writing, this show has had fans of every age.

5 Things We Love About Garfield and Friends

  • His continued love for lasagna
  • Even though he’s grumpy, he always helps his friends out
  • The wittiness of the show
  • It had a great cast
  • It allowed fans to really embrace the characters and relate to the show

So even though the show has been ended, it will forever hold a place in our hearts and bring up amazing childhood memories. ’80’s cartoons just had this way about them which now give us all a bit of nostalgia. Which then makes you want to start looking for them so that you can watch them again. Don’t fight it, it’s not a trap and get ready to start reliving and have a great time. Once Garfield and Friends hit their outstanding 7 season mark, the company had decided to cut the shows budget, since it was making money well enough on it’s own.

garfield and odie

But they also felt that because of the shows success, they had done all that they could with the show and just decided to not make anymore episodes. Not very fair but we understand. Regardless of how everything happened, this show has proven itself in all of our hearts and every fan has loved the time we had with it, every episode, every laugh, and every character that’s captivated our hearts.

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