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The Best Bryan Adams Songs Of The 1980s

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During the 1980s the rock genre has continued to gain audiences. Amidst the numerous rock acts that were infield at that time, one of the artists that stood out was Bryan Adams. In this era, he was able to release four full-length albums, a movie appearance, and 5 world tours. Bryan is most noted for his distinct deep throaty voice and guitar-led rock music.

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The Best 80s Bryan Adams Songs

Curious to check out Bryan Adam’s music? Let this article highlight the best Bryan Adams songs of the 1980s as your guide. So set up your music players, search for these titles and enjoy.

Here’s our picks for the best 1980s Bryan Adams songs:

1. Lonely Nights (July 1981)

This was the third single released from Bryan’s second album titled, “You Want It You Got It”. This song has successfully expanded his fan base as he delivered convincing vocals. The melody talks about a person calling out to their lover seeking rescue from loneliness.

2. Cuts Like a Knife (January 1983)

From the album of the same name, when it was released the song peaked on the Billboard Top Rock Tracks at #6. It also received the honor of climbing into 15th place on the Billboard Hot 100. This song is favored by fans due to its striking melodies and awesome guitar riffs.

3. Straight From the Heart (February 1983)

This song was considered a powerful ballad that was performed with beautiful simplicity. It is admired for its melody that is very easy to listen to. This title is from Bryan’s third studio album “Cuts Like A Knife”.

4. One Night Love Affair (November 1984)

This tune is one of Bryan Adam’s most popular songs in North America. It is included in the album “Reckless”. It tackles the theme of a one-night stand where the two parties involved have feelings for each other. The proof of prominence is its inclusion in “Anthology” a compilation album released in 2005.

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5. Somebody (December 1984)

This title is a mid-tempo rock song that features nifty guitar riffs and a catchy chorus. This song is from Bryan’s fourth solo album “Reckless”. It received huge success in the US, Canada, and Europe and charted very well. The song has peaked at number one in the Billboard Top Rock Tracks for two weeks. Then in the Billboard Hot 100, it climbed up until number 11.

6. Heaven (April 1985)

Another title from “Reckless” successfully landed number one in the Billboard Hot 100. It was said that this title was inspired by Journey’s hit song “Faithfully”. This song was also featured in the soundtrack album of the movie “A Night in Heaven”.

7. Summer of ’69 (June 1985)

This up-tempo rock song is from the album “Reckless”. The theme of the song is about the protagonist conflicting desires of pursuing music or settling down. This song was highly appreciated by critics and the concept of its music video was very interesting.

8. It’s Only Love (October 1985)

This is the sixth and final single released for the “Reckless” album. The song is a fitting finale as it featured a collaboration with the legendary Tina Turner. The duo performed the song wonderfully and is adorned with exceptional riffs. This song appeared in both artist’s greatest hits compilation albums released in the early 2000s

So those are our picks for the best Bryan Adam songs of the 1980s. Did your favorite make the list?

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