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The Best Harrison Ford Movies Of The 1980s

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Harrison Ford was arguably one of the biggest movie stars in the world during the 1980s. Harrison Ford had a remarkable set of movies that were released in the 80’s that cemented him as Hollywood royalty. Here are some of his best films from the 1980s.

4. Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back (1980)

harrison ford empire strikes back

The Empire Strike Back is the follow-up to Star Wars. It is also the second chapter in original trilogy. Harrison Ford plays Han Solo. He is captain of the Millennium Falcon. In the film, Solo is working with the rebels. He decided to pay off his debt that is owned to Jabba. When Han notices that Luke hasn’t return from his patrol, he sets out to find his friend. After finding Luke in the frozen wasteland, he places him inside of a creature. The creature provided Luke some warmth from the cold weather. Han and others head to a meteor location, but they discovered that it is an Empire droid. They destroyed it. However, the evil Empire is alerted to the rebel’s location.

As the Empire starts its attack, Han and his friends escape on the Falcon. He also pilots the ship to escape from a horde of TIE fighters. He hides them from the Empire fleet long enough to evade, but Boba Fett picks up their location and follow them. Han and his friends head to another part of the galaxy to receive shelter and repairs. He meets with a friend of his. However, his friend ends up betraying Han’s group to the Empire. As a result of this, Darth Vader captures Han and places him into a freezing chamber.

Even though the movie was expected to be a flop, surprisingly it was a smashing success and of course led to a multi billion dollar franchise that has spanned many decades. Furthermore this film made Harrison Ford a household name as Han Solo is one of the most iconic characters in movie history ever.

3. Blade Runner (1982)

harrison ford blade runner

This film was made by Ridley Scott. Harrison Ford plays Rick Deckard. Rick is a blade runner. A blade runner is a member of a special police force. A blade runner is tasked with the assignment of tracking down replicants. They have to eliminate these replicants. The film is based on a novel by Philip K. Dick.

2. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984)

harrison ford temple of doom

In this film, Ford returns as Indiana Jones. While the majority of second films in a film franchise are sequel, Temple of Doom is a prequel to Raiders of the Lost Ark. This is due to the fact that Steven Spielberg didn’t want to bring back the Nazis from Raiders of the Lost Ark. The film is about Jones’s trip to India where he is tasked to find a mysterious stone and rescue children from a dangerous cult.

1. Indiana Jones and the Raiders of The Lost Ark (1981)

harrison ford raiders of the lost ark

This is the film that introduced the world to the iconic character of Indiana Jones. In 1981, Raiders of the Lost Ark was one of the highest grossing films. The film is one of the best action adventure films made. The film was well received. The film has Jones completing with Nazi force to get the lost Ark. In order to accomplish this, he teams up with a former lover. She is Marion Ravenwood. The Ark is believed to turn an army into an indestructible army.

Indiana Jones is probably top 2 when it comes to characters that has defined Harrison Ford’s career. Between his portrayal of Indiana Jones and Han Solo, Harrison Ford has generated billions of dollars in box office revenue and has made him a Hollywood legend.

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