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The Best Horror Movies Of The 1980s

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The ‘80s was certainly a phenomenal era for all film fanatics. Most movies released during this time were remarkable, however one genre stands out from the rest, and that is Horror.

Indeed the ‘80s were a truly remarkable time for all things gruesome, ghoulish, and gory. These movies were truly capable of leaving chills on your spine long after you finished watching the movie.

In order to show love and appreciation to an era that set the bar for horror movies, we’ve ranked the 5 best horror flicks of the 1980’s!

The Best 80s Horror Movies

If there’s one type of genre we can thank the ‘80s for, it’s the horror and thriller flicks. During this age, horror movies were at their peak. As a result, a lot of effort and hard work went into making these movies as realistic as possible.

The pure and sincere dedication of each of these movies is very noticeable. To appreciate this, let’s take a look at the list of the top 5 best horror flicks of the ‘80s.

1. The Shining

Written and directed by the incredible Stephen King, The Shining is our trophy winner for this list.

The movie was released in 1980. Almost 40 years later, this movie still continues to remain a favorite for plenty of horror aficionados.

The leading role is played by the talented Jack Nicholson, who has perfectly depicted the role of a father who is determined to assassinate his family. Every scene is perfect, and even the film critics loved the movie!

2. The Thing

Unlike other horror movies where the story is around ghosts and goblins, this one mixed a little science into it. Directed and released by John Carpenter in 1982, this movie focuses on aliens that can shape-shift to look like humans!

The movie features Kurt Russell, who gave a first-class performance in addition to the realistic special effects.

3. Aliens

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Now that we’ve spoken about horror and science, let’s focus on science for a bit.

The amazing James Cameron has taken an interesting turn here by moving his attention to aliens – alien xenomorphs, to be exact. And that’s how Aliens was released in 1986.

Even though the movie is based on sci-fi, the element of horror is also equally present. Not only will this movie scare you, but it will also make you squirm!

4. Possession

If you’re looking for something darker and scarier, you should watch Possession.

Released in 1981, it is still one of the craziest horror movies ever made. The story is about a young couple whose marriage starts falling apart when the wife gets involved with other-worldly spirits.

5. A Nightmare on Elm Street

Since its release in 1984, this movie still remains as one of the best horror movies ever made.

The story features Freddy Kruger, a child abuser who comes back from his grave and takes revenge on his killers. How? By attacking their children- through their dreams.

If that doesn’t scare you, we don’t know what will!

Final Thoughts

If not for anything else extraordinary, the ‘80s was a great time where a lot of movie directors choose to discover the appeal of horror. This was truly a golden era and set the bar high for a lot of horror movies today.

The debate of which is the best horror movie of the ‘80s could go on and on. But according to IMBD ratings and general reviews, we think these are some of the best among the best. If you haven’t watched these yet, grab some popcorn and a blanket and settle in!

And don’t forget to leave a light on before going to bed!

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