The Best Movies Of 1982

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In 1982 Prince William was born, the first CDs were produced in Germany, and Walt Disney World opened Epcot Center. A busy year, but not too busy for some good movies to still be released. Check out ten of the main ones below!

The Best Movies Of 1982

So what were some of the best movies of 1982?

Here are our picks for the best movies 1982 had to offer:

1. E.T.


Easily the biggest box-office hit of the entire decade, this family sci-fi flick is all about putting everything on the line for someone you care about. Even if that someone is an alien just trying to get back to his home planet.

Also, M&Ms perform a delicious cameo in this fun, rollercoaster adventure that still brings out the brave child within us all.

2. Fast Times at Ridgemont High

fast times at ridgemont high

Believe it or not, this coming-of-age movie is a true story. It both reflects the culture of the 80s era and inspires high school students to emulate the now-iconic sex comedy style of the now-famous actors that make up the cast. Even its soundtrack is quintessentially 80s, celebrating the great rock artists of that time.

3. Blade Runner

blade runner

The Original with Harrison Ford. Not the 2017 remake… also with a bit of Harrison Ford in it. We are now past the year 2019 in which this dystopian story was originally imagined (loosely based on a story by Philip K. Dick), and thank goodness things did not end up going that way.

This is a complex, almost neo-noir film that earned mixed reviews when it first came out. But since then it has spawned many new sci-fi works and seems to be standing the test of time due to its integrity and heart.

4. The Thing

the thing

Eerie and fast. paced, this sci-fi movie is actually a remake of a black-and-white film from the 50s. Its full title was The Thing From Another World. 

Unfortunately, in a year with an overabundance of great sci-fi, it was harshly critiqued when it first came out and was reviled for its zealous special effects. It has since won people over and developed a cult following as well as a prequel.

5. Conan The Barbarian

conan the barbarian
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It is virtually impossible to talk about movies in the 80s without talking about Arnold Schwarzenegger. Here he gets to act out the revenge fantasies we all have of growing up big and warrior-like to avenge the wrongs done to our family. Classic hero adventure stuff. This may not be a perfect movie in terms of technical crafting, but it sure is fun to watch.

6. An Officer And A Gentleman

An Officer and a Gentleman

The Naval Aviation Candidate School is the backdrop for this famous romantic drama. It is one of Richard Gere’s finest performances and unafraid to dig deeply into the messes of the human heart.

7. Tootsie


A very funny romantic comedy, this film actually won the Academy Award for Best Picture. It goes for broke with its delightful and insightful satire, somewhat meta as well with its being about actors and disguise. No wonder it inspired a recent Broadway hit.

8. Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan

It doesn’t matter if you’re a Trekkie or not, this is a flat-out great movie. Sure it is a welcome bonus for fans nostalgic for more of the Enterprise and its crew, but it surpasses all of the other movies in the Star Trek franchise in terms of quality. It really has a sense of scope and power, while also dealing with long-time relationships in fun ways.

9. Sophie’s Choice

Sophie's Choice

This was the film debut of Kevin Kline and it also proved the star power of Meryl Streep in a stroke of acting genius that has never wavered over the years of her illustrious career. A film both heartbreaking and understandable in its tragedy, it focuses on the relationships of its characters and takes you for quite the emotional ride.

10. Gandhi

gandhi 1982

A biopic about the life of Mahatma Gandhi, this movie is said to be an accurate portrayal. It is a remarkable story and was very well-received internationally.

So that concludes our list of the best movies of 1982. Did your pick make the list?

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