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The Golden Time of “The Golden Girls”

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The Golden Girls is one of those timeless TV shows that everyone loved. It was witty, funny, and oddly relatable, making it one of the most beloved sitcoms of the 1980s.

In this series, Dorothy, Rose, Blanch, and Sofia are all fun, easy going women who battle their own personal lives while having such a strong bond of friendship with each other. These fun going gals will keep you guessing with all their hilarious adventures, as well as coming back for laugh after laugh.

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Remembering The Golden Girls

The Golden Girls first aired in 1985, and the show seemed to be ahead of it’s time. This classic is still watchable now with how witty and endearing the show is.

The Golden Girls shows us just how important those who are close to us mean, and also how normal it is for them to also get on your nerves. These vivacious women stuck together through everything, and always laughed their way through tough times, which made you laugh too.

No matter how sad an episode got, it pulled the audience in and made them believe that everything was going to workout, something that Americans longed for at the time.

One of the most memorable things about The Golden Girls was their love for cheesecake, and how cheesecake could make any problem better, and really, who could blame them? Anyone watching The Golden Girls would make the whole experience better by chowing on some cheesecake with them.

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5 Things People Loved About The Golden Girls

  • Wittiness- No one could resist the banter between these sisters at heart. They always seemed to have something up their sleeve.
  • Cheesecake- I mean come on, fridges come stocked with these, right?
  • Banter- You can’t live with it but you can’t live without it, especially when you have 4 witty women together
  • Relationships- No matter how tough it got for these ladies they always pulled through for each other. Friendships are important, especially when you consider those friends as family.
  • Adventures- There was never an episode that left you bored or straight faced. These girls were always getting into something whether on their own or with each other. They can’t help it.

There were 7 seasons of this hit show, filled to the brim of enjoyment. People loved this show because it really talked to them on a personal level. In some way, we could all emphasize and relate to their problems. They taught us that it will work out how it’s supposed to in the end.

The show did a lot of good and risked a lot by featuring some topics in the show that were a bit more racy. At the time the show aired, certain topics were still touchy like LGBTQ type topics, but the show was pretty popular among the community. They weren’t afraid to step a little across the line and in the end, it worked out perfectly for them.

With all shows comes great behind the scenes facts about the show and cast. Sometimes movies and shows aren’t always made like we may think they are in our heads, but things go wrong, and things can change almost daily.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About The Golden Girls

  • Sofia wasn’t meant to be a regular on the show- Crazy right! Who could even think of Golden Girls without Sofia? Played by Estelle Getty, after the test pilot, everyone loved Sofia so much that they decided to keep her on. Getty was actually terrified with stage fright due to less experience. But she never gave up and did her best and everyone absolutely loved her for it.
  • Arthur was in the Marines- Say what? Yes, she was a truck driver in the Marines in WWll. This, to me, sort of explains why she was more of a serious actor than White was.
  • Many upcoming stars guest starred on the show- People like George Clooney, Quintin Tarantino and Bob Hope played as guest stars which helped them get a better step up in their career. Who knew?
  • Dorthy’s last name (Zbornak) actually came from Kent Zbornak, who was the stage manager for the entire show of The Golden Girl.
  • The cast actually got to fly and play a little bit for the royals themselves. Even Princess Diana fell in love with the show.

There was much to love about the show. However, all things must come to an end and after 7 amazing seasons The Golden Girls did just that. Arthur was ready to leave the show by the time it actually happened. Many cried throughout the last episode and especially afterwards. The show found its way into many of our hearts, and left us continuing to love it in the end.

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