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The Odd Case For “Murder, She Wrote”

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The 80s were a decade of change. America was in the midst of what seemed to be an unending war on drugs, two oil crises, and an economic recession. The country needed something lighthearted to take their minds off the troubles at home and abroad, so they tuned into Murder, She Wrote each week for just that. The series starred Angela Lansbury and followed her around as she solved case after case of intriguing murder mysteries.

This show has been revisited by many people over the years since it first aired in 1984, but few know why America loved this show so much back then. We’ll explore the reasons below that will hopefully answer this question!

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The show’s writer and creator was an award-winning mystery novelist with over 50 books to her credit. She wrote every episode of this series herself without any help. Her name is Jessica Fletcher, better known as “Jessica Fletcher” on screen by fans all around the world!

This fact alone made it very special for many Americans because they could see themselves in a leading role on their favorite television show each week. They wanted to watch somebody just like them solve crimes so they wouldn’t have to worry about whether or not there would be another murder happening somewhere after watching Murder, She Wrote.

It was comforting to know that even though bad things were going on around them, at least Jessica Fletcher was fighting the good fight and helping people in need. She had a knack for being where she needed to be just when she needed to be there too!

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Not only did it help that this show featured a female main character who was middle-aged like most Americans were back then, but they also loved how relatable her life seemed. Her career as an author funded her love of traveling all over New England solving crimes with police officers on site.

This made many viewers feel safe knowing that their favorite actress Angela Lansbury was out there sleuthing around for them and had a pretty nice life, would never run out of money or places to visit anytime soon, because things worked out so well for her every week by the end of each episode! Who wouldn’t want that kind of storybook ending?

But the biggest reason why the country fell in love with this show was the main character herself. Fans all over the world loved Jessica Fletcher for her kind nature, helpful spirit, and above all else – she never lost her temper!

This was a breath of fresh air from American TV shows in general at that time which were filled with loud-mouthed characters who got into epic fights with each other every week.

The country needed to see something different so they turned to Murder, She Wrote each night after school or work because it felt like a nice slice of reality in their lives when everything seemed dark during this decade.

In conclusion, the answer to the question “Why did America love the 80s TV show ‘Murder, She Wrote’ so much?” is because it reminded them of themselves and gave viewers a weekly dose of everything they needed from an entertaining television program.

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