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The Worst Music Videos Of The 1980s

80's Music Jan 31, 2015 No Comments

Some of the music videos from the 80’s were actually really good. Even though the types of effects they had available at the time were child’s play compared to today, there are still a few worth watching.

…but there are also a few that are NEVER worth watching. Unless you just want to laugh.

The Worst 80s Music Videos

The 80s were a time of great music, but it was also a time of terrible music as well. To better explain why, here are our picks for the worst 80s music videos:

1. “Devil Inside” INXS 1988

Apparently all of the clubs in Australia were really weird in the 1980’s. At least, according to this video that was the case.

People make weird faces at each other all night, dance kind of funny, and have really weird devil-face things on the back of their heads.

At least the scene changes about every 1.5-2 seconds, so you keep watching it because they keep throwing random images at you. Almost like a Lady Gaga video of today.

2. “We Built This City” Starship 1989

A tune that everyone has heard one time or another, no list outlining the worst videos of the 1980s (maybe ever?) can be complete without Starship’s “We Built This City”. In fact, a Rolling Stone Magazine Poll actually had this song as THE worst song of the 1980s!

Complete with lyrics that don’t make much sense, people running terrified from giant dice, and even a singing Abraham Lincoln, this music video will be topping lists of the best of the worst for a long time to come!

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3. “Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)” Journey 1983

In this one from Journey, constipation seems to be a major theme. The lead singer is shaking a lot and looks like he can’t hardly hold it in anymore.

But whats even better are the scenes with the whole band looking into the camera while in a Flying V formation. I guess they’re trying to have some of the glory that the lead singer gets, who is busy weaving through parts of a construction yard for the majority of the video.

4. “Dancing in the Street” David Bowie & Mick Jagger 1985

Mick Jagger and David Bowie were pretty much begging to be made fun of in this one. Just as you’d expect, they’re just randomly dancing down the street, in a warehouse-looking place, etc.
There are some weird parts though. In one scene, their faces get awfully close to each other… for no reason.

It also seems like they’re screaming the entire time, not really singing.

The best thing about this one is that if you want to scare away a date for some reason, you can pick up some great dance moves to help you out.

5. “Is This Love?” Whitesnake 1987

Whitesnake was a bit of weird band. They had the look of a crazy, punk rock band. But then they open their mouths with a song that sounds more Michael Bolton than anything else.

This video was basically like 99% of the rest of the rock videos at the time. The band has long hair, they have some extremely sexy females in the video, and smoke is everywhere.

Oh… and the poses the band makes are a bit goofy and overdone. But if you had to categorize them, think of an impatient woman resting against the wall waiting on her husband for something.

Those are our picks for the worst music videos of the 1980s, though there were definitely many more we could’ve chose! What were some of your picks?

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