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The 5 Best 80s Danny DeVito Movies

80's Film And TV Dec 06, 2021

If you’re looking for a great comedy movie, look no further than Danny DeVito movies from the 1980s. Danny DeVito is a comedy legend, and he is one of the most recognizable actors in Hollywood. Standing at a whopping 4’9, Danny has made a living playing characters that are often seen as comical or strange. With such classics as “The…

The 5 Best 80s Romance Movies

80's Film And TV Dec 05, 2021

When it came to the desires of the heart, 80s romance movies are second to none. The 1980s was a decade of love, romance, and iconic movies. From the swashbuckling adventures of “Indiana Jones” to the adventures of “Rambo”, from “When Harry Met Sally” to “Dirty Dancing”, this decade of cinema is full of unforgettable moments. The Best 80s Romance…

The 9 Best 80s Action Movies

80's Film And TV Dec 05, 2021

Over the top testosterone is what made 80’s action movies great. The 1980s are often remembered for their cinematic triumphs when it came to the action movie genre. The decade is also considered the golden age of cinema because of the diversity in action movies. The 1980s was really the decade when over the top action blockbusters came to be,…

The 10 Best 80s Horror Movies

80's Film And TV Dec 05, 2021

There’s nothing like 80s horror movies, and this genre of movies were extremely popular in the 1980s. These movies were so successful because they were truly terrifying, with creative and innovative death scenes that left audiences on the edge of their seats. In addition, the 80s were a time when special effects were at their peak, so these movies looked…

The 7 Best 80s Comedy Movies

80's Film And TV Dec 05, 2021

There’s nothing really like 80s comedy movies. The 80s were a golden era for comedy, and this resulted in some of the greatest classic comedy movies of all time. The 80s was a time for freedom and creativity, and these films reflected that. From Ghostbusters to Twins to Say Anything, the 80s were full of hilarious comedies that have remained…

Whatever Happened To 80s Star Alex Winter?

80's Film And TV Dec 03, 2021

Alex Winter was born in Britain but became a child actor after he and his family moved to the United States. His first significant role was as a guest appearance on ‘Miami Vice’ playing a teen who idolised Don Johnson’s character. Alex studied drama at New York University. He met many industry contacts, including writers from Saturday Night Live and…

The Best Eddie Murphy Movies From The 1980s

80's Film And TV Dec 03, 2021

If you’re a fan of Eddie Murphy movies then you know some of his most memorable work was done during the 1980s. The 1980s was the best decade for Eddie Murphy’s career. He gained a lot of fans during that time due to his super-funny movies. He was just in his early twenties back then – but he didn’t care…

The Most Memorable Back To The Future Characters

80's Film And TV Dec 03, 2021

The amazing Back To The Future characters is what made the “Back to The Future” film one of the most iconic films from the 80s. This comedic science fiction movie deals with the concept of time travel. It was a box office hit and a top grosser among its contemporaries. The success of the original film leads to two more…

The Best 80s Movies For Kids

80's Film And TV Dec 02, 2021

Even though it’s been a while, there are quite a few great 80s movies for kids that parents can reminisce over and enjoy with their children. Cinema has come a long way with technology in the last few decades, but that doesn’t mean that old movies aren’t worthwhile. In fact, many of them are classics that are worthy of being…

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