80’s Pants

Denim Overalls

80's Pants Jun 16, 2022

Before it became the garment we know today, denim overalls were originally known as the bib-and-brace. Invented in the 1800s by Grace Howard and Jacob Davis (the founders of the popular clothing company Levi’s), the earliest overalls had two parts: the trousers and the bib. The trousers are typically loose-fitting and the bib acted as a part that covered the…

Jordache Jeans

80's Pants May 05, 2022

One fashion trend popular in the 1980s were “Jordache Jeans”. Throughout the 1980s, there were many popular styles of jeans – starting from acid-washed and high-waisted to patched-up and ripped. No matter where you went, you couldn’t escape the jeans and denim trends of the 80s. Jordache Jeans In The 80s Even though the acid-washed jeans and the rock style…

Zubaz Pants

80's Pants Mar 28, 2015 No Comments

By the late 1980s, the sartorial craziness of the decade seemed to mercifully fade away. Fewer people were wearing neon, everyone’s tennis shirt collars were turned down, and the suits for men and women stopped looking so boxy with the oversized shoulder pads. But the zaniness of 80s fashion had one last gasp. Before grunge appeared over the 90s horizon…

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