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Cross Necklaces

80's Accessories May 01, 2022

A fashion accessory of the 1980s that really came to the forefront was the “cross necklace”. Dubbed the boldest decade ever, the 1980s are still very talked-about mainly because of the fashion, through which people celebrated individuality and freedom. And one way people celebrated their individuality was their statements for or against religion, which often came in the form of wearing cross necklaces to accentuate the outfits they were wearing.

Many fashion icons flourished during that period of time and etched their names in the history books forever, all thanks to their looks and personalities. Princess Diana, Molly Ringwald, Janet Jackson, and Joan Jett are just some of the many names that come to mind.

What also connects these public figures is their love for accessories because just like today, back in the 1980s, the accessories were also a huge deal. And one of the most popular fashion accessory in the 80s was of course the cross necklace.

A big reason why cross necklaces became popular in the 1980s was because of Madonna. Just when she was picking up momentum with her exciting and catchy music, Madonna was also making a name for herself in the fashion world. The pop icon was known for abilities to change her styles quickly, although most of her talked about looks were the thrift shop and messy chic outfits. Despite what she wore, Madonna always stayed true to herself and wore as many accessories as possible, which often included cross necklaces.

Madonna Wearing Cross Necklaces As An 80s Fashion Staple

For the past four decades, Madonna has hundreds of photos, in which she’s seen with the cross necklaces. The first time she showed up on television with such was at the inaugural MTV VMAs in 1984, which also happened to be her live performance of the debut of her best-selling hit “Like A Virgin”. After that sultry outfit, the cross necklaces became the trademark accessory that she wore for all sorts of looks. and people, regardless of gender, quickly followed her.

Madonna Wearing A Cross Necklace For Her “Like A Virgin” MTV VMA Performance 1984

The cross necklaces turned into a hot fashion trend in the 1980s because they are considered a fashionable spin to the religious symbol. Whether it’s a gold, diamond, or simple necklace made of gemstones, these jewelry pieces can really make one’s outfit stand out. Back then, the pieces were worn not just as accessories but as a way to express the person and their religion.

And while some people only used them for fashion statements, others believed that these pieces of jewelry brought peace and happiness and kept bad energy far away. Regardless if it’s of the allegiances, beliefs, and faith, the necklaces could be seen absolutely everywhere – from music awards and realities to television series and films.

Besides Madonna, many public figures were seen with outfits, in which they rocked different sizes of cross necklaces. Among some of the names that stand out with their necklaces are Prince, Lisa Bonet, Elton John, and Whitney Houston.

Prince Wearing A Gold Cross Necklace For A Photoshoot

It was all these celebrities and their choices that inspired others. Four decades later, the cross necklace, accessories, and many other fashion trends from the 1980s are not forgotten, and in fact, people can’t seem to get enough of them.