The Best Aerosmith Songs Of The 1980s

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For a pop-music lover, one undoubtedly knows at least a few hits from one of America`s Greatest Rock Bands known as Aerosmith. They are one of the most popular bands in history that is known for its blues-based hard rock style. It should come as no surprise that due to their heart-throbbing songs, they have sold over 150 million albums worldwide.

The famous Bad Boys of Boston had earned their fame at the very beginning of their careers when they formed the band in the late 70s. The release of the first Aerosmith album had become the rare fortunate debut album that made them a true household name.

The Best 80s Aerosmith Songs

Aerosmith has been a music wrecking ball for decades now. The band has played plenty of incredible songs in their discography, and their resurgence in the early 80s bestowed their followers with many popular hits.

So what are some of the most popular Aerosmith songs of the 1980s you need to know about?

Here are the best Aerosmith songs from the 1980s are listed below:

1.  Dude (Looks like a lady)

Aerosmith`s first hit song of their Permanent Vacation Album in the 80s was “Dude (Looks like a Lady)” that reached #4 in the mainstream hip hop rock charts. This song has attracted many of their followers as an intro to Aerosmith music, and it became arguably one of their best known songs.

This iconic title was originally known as Cruisin` For a Lady to showcase their effeminate appearance. Meanwhile, the real inspiration that Steven Tyler explained was the discussion they had with Motley Crue. After that, it was all about Dude this, Dude that, and eventually they got an idea for one of their most popular songs, Dude (Looks like a Lady).

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2.  Rag Doll

Released in the 80s, the final hit of the Permanent Vacation album is still one of the best-known lead beats of pop-rock music. This song has gained much fame because of the enthralling drum beats by one of music’s best-known drummers Joey Kramer (1-2-1-2).

However, the original name of this song for which it was known by that time was “Rag Time.” This name was inspired by the New Orleans feel to add some spice to their music. Later on, John Kalodner rejected this idea and assigned Holly Knight to work on the song. Afterward, she came up with the new name, and she was honored with a songwriting credit.

3.  Janie’s Got a Gun

Aerosmith`s comeback in the 80s was a golden time period for them. Janie’s got a gun is their second single release from the 80s album Pump. After the release of this enchanting song, it got wildly popular and cemented Aerosmith into rock history by reaching #4 on the Billboard Top 100.

Later on this song became popular among a much broader audience besides just Aerosmith fans. It was the reason behind their success towards a Grammy for Best Rock Performance. This song was based upon the subsequent crime scene where a girl kills her father. It remains one of their most memorable hits even till this day.

Final Thoughts

Aerosmith emerged as a groundbreaking band in the late 70s. However, due to the internal conflicts among the band members, it fell apart and resurged again in the 80s with even better hit songs. Aerosmith never ceases to amaze their audience, and many argue that they are the greatest rock band of all time.

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