NWA 1980s

The Best N.W.A. Songs of the 1980s

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One of the 80s artists with a massive influence on today’s mainstream music is N.W.A. without a doubt. This group was seen as the most dangerous group because their hip hop had ferocious messages, and MTV had to censor some of their videos because the content was so controversial at the time.

N.W.A. 1980s

The Best 80s N.W.A. Songs

We all know that N.W.A. was a pioneer when it came to rap music, and their contributions to the genre can’t be overstated.

The group created a new market for their street slangs, street tales, and gang banging. Let us take a throwback glance at the best N.W.A. songs that dominated the airwaves during the ’80s.

1. Dope Man

The title track from their debut album “Panic Zone” is the song Dope Man, which alludes to a street reality of the life of a man that engages in drug dealings, which eventually leads to the destruction of their lives.

The song’s famous line “To be a dope man, boy, you must qualify-don’t get high off your supply.” still resonates with listeners today. It was a song that hit hard, and the people loved it.

2. Gangsta Gangsta

The N.W.A.’s album “Straight Outta Campton” had the song “Gangsta Gangsta.” It was included on the album “N.W.A. Greatest Hits” and “The Best of N.W.A. —The Strength of Street Knowledge.”

Gangsta Gansta depicts both the dangerous life and the appealing experience of the streets of California: South Central, Los Angeles, and Compton. After its release, the song has been remade several times by various artists that made their own versions of this classic gangsta hit.

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3. F*** the Police

A single from the album Straight Outta Compton is a protest song, “F*** the Police.” It speaks about the reality of racial discrimination and profiling, as well as police brutality.

It is a replica of the societal conditions of the 1980s. This song had a massive influence not only during this era, but it continues until now, which evidently can be seen in pop culture through political expressions, designs on t-shirts as well as in artworks.

4. Express Yourself

Surprisingly, this song “Express Yourself” does not contain violence and profanity, which had become N.W.A.’s image. It is the last single from the album Straight Outta Compton.

The focus of the song is more of the idea of expressing oneself through free expression. Free expression that is not being curtailed by censorship, and the song criticizes other rappers for not using profane language and street language just to get through the airwaves.

Final Thoughts

N.W.A. had a tremendous influence not only on the music industry but as well as on the world because their songs may be unconventional, but they had a certain glimpse of reality in them.

It caused alarm for the parents of kids who bought the music, and often they were forced to refrain their children from listening to the N.W.A. songs due to the song’s profanity and violence.

Still, N.W.A. gives us the true street knowledge that we should be aware of. Such a reality still exists today, and that may be the reason why N.WA. songs still remain popular today.

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