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The Worst TV Sitcoms Of The 1980s

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Let’s face it- a lot of what came out of the 80s was bad. Especially the TV shows.

TV in the 1980s was wholesome, funny, and quirky. However sometimes that wasn’t always the case, and in fact the 1980s gave us a ton of terrible sitcoms.

The Worst 80s TV Sitcoms

There were many 80s sitcoms to choose from, but we did the work for you.

So what were the worst 80s sitcoms ever?

Here’s our picks for the worst TV sitcoms of the 1980s:

1. Charles in Charge

This show was about a college kid who liked to hang out with younger kids for some reason… There really wasn’t a whole lot of plot, but then again that’s the description for most sitcoms.

charles in charge
Charles In Charge 1984-1990

Charles was accompanied by his friend Buddy all the time. Buddy, in traditional 80s sitcom style, was the goofy friend that people only kind of liked but had to be in every single episode.

2. Webster

This show was trying to combine controversial with living off the success of Gary Coleman in Different Strokes.

The premise was that a retired football player and his wife adopt a little boy. The boy was the son of the father’s former teammate, but was killed in an accident.

Webster 1983-1989

This show tried to be funny but was just never very successful- even by 1980’s standards. There are a few key episodes and phrases that people remember, but most people tend to forget about this one.

3. Family Matters

Even though this show debuted on the tail end of the 80s, we’ll throw it in because it was actually pretty bad, yet it managed to stay on for about 10 years.

family matters
Family Matters 1989-1998

The show was about the Winslow family, but what everyone remembers is the nerdy neighbor- Steve Urkel. He was skinny, had tight suspenders and wore huge glasses, but it was the high-pitched, shrilly voice that most people probably remember him for.

When Urkel wasn’t stealing the show, it was normally about some kind of family drama going on. Arguments between brother and sister, Dad lost his job, a kid was getting picked on at school- that kind of stuff.

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4. We’ve Got it Made

Picture two college guys living together as roommates.

Then picture them getting a sexy female live-in made to clean up their nasty apartment.

Then picture how their girlfriends would feel about it, eventually dumping both of them.

Then picture the type of relationships going on between two single college guys living with a hot maid.

Then picture how long the show would last.

….right. Not long.

we've got it made
We’ve Got It Made 1983-1988

5. Double Trouble

The 90s were a big time for twin movies. Mary Kate and Ashley Olson made about 129837 movies, and somehow all of them did fairly well.

But in the 80s, twin stuff just didn’t fly. Double Trouble was about two twins who were complete opposites- one fun, the other serious.

Creative, right? Never been done before.

….except it had, which is why it didn’t last long.

double trouble
Double Trouble 1984-1985

6. Mama’s Family

This show was basically just about a grumpy old lady living with her kids and grandkids.

It may sound like it’d be funny, but how long you can watch a mean old lady get frustrated and yell at her family?

That’s what Christmas time is for- not TV time.

mamas family
Mama’s Family 1986-1990

7. Small Wonder

This show was about a creepy guy who, for some reason, built a little girl robot.

But instead of telling everyone, the family pretended that she was a real girl.

Horrible story, bad acting, and no characters were interesting. Yet somehow it lasted for about 4 seasons!

small wonder
Small Wonder 1985-1989

Just goes to show you that even the worst sitcoms from the 80s took a while to die off.

So those are our picks for the worst 80s TV sitcoms. Did your favorite make the list?

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