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Remembering 80s Casual Fashion

The 80's Blog Aug 03, 2022

When it comes to the best decade ever, people don’t really think about 80s casual fashion. The 1980s were a decade we’ll never forget, especially as far as fashion is concerned. However not everyone was into the wild and outlandish fashion trends of the 1980s. In fact, a large portion of the population just wanted to go about their day without getting noticed.

That’s precisely why it’s of such utmost importance to give you some insight into the most important casual fashion trends of the 1980s. So keep reading to find out what people used to wear most commonly!

80s Casual Fashion

The 1980s wasn’t just about fashion that was out of this world, many people preferred more low-key options when it came to clothing, and it’s our job to acknowledge that. It would be a disservice just to recognize the most memorable fashion trends, we need to also remember the fashion that people actually wore during the time.

So what were the most popular 80s casual fashion trends?

1. Plaid

80s plaid casual fashion

Plaid was a popular 80s casual fashion trend for both men and women. Typically they came in the form of button down shirts that were unisex, though plaid mini skirts were popular as well.

A typical casual outfit in the 80s would be a button down plaid shirt worn over a plain white t-shirt. Add this to pair of comfortable jeans and you were good to go.

Plaid was also a big part of the 80s punk fashion movement as well, however the majority of people that wore plaid shirts were just every day people.

2. Workout Clothes

80s casual workout clothes

The fitness boom of the 1980s meant that more and more people were wearing 80s workout fashion everywhere you went. These clothes were fashionable at the time, but it also let everyone know that you were “with it” when it came to your physical fitness. It also didn’t hurt that these clothes were comfortable as well, which also made them perfect for lounging in.

Some popular workout clothes during the 80s included tight cycling shorts and colorful shell suits. Also if you were just lounging at home Zubaz pants or a velour tracksuit were both comfortable and stylish options.

Most of the time, these items were combined with a timeless pair of white tennis shoes. Nevertheless, many women also used to pair their leg warmers and fitness outfits with pumps, which always resulted in a very daring, yet comfy look.

3. Shoulder Pads

80s shoulder pads blouse

Shoulder pads were also a very prominent fashion trend during the 1980s. Nowadays, a lot of people are generally very weary of shoulder pads, but in the 80s literally everyone used to wear them. However shoulder pads weren’t just limited to blazers and formal wear, many casual items like blouses also had built-in shoulder pads as well.

Even more so, shoulder pads were typically regarded as a subtle way of empowering women through fashion, and thus a very popular option. Women would try to incorporate them whenever they could, and this of course was no different when it came to their casual fashion choices.

4. Bomber Jackets

80s bomber jackets

Moving on to a fashion trend that’s still remarkably popular today, it’s time to talk about the bomber jacket. Bomber jackets were extremely hot during the 1980s, especially among certain subgroups such as the punks.

The reason why bomber jackets were so popular was because they were basically available in every shape and size. More importantly though, bomber jackets were easy to combine with many other fashion items and as a result, people could really develop their own personal fashion style around their favorite bomber jacket.

As time passed, people started combining their bomber jackets with white tennis shoes and fitness outfits. No matter what you were wearing, chances are a trusty bomber jacket could be added to the mix.

5. Polka Dots

80s polka dot blouse

Polka dots might be most commonly associated with the 1950s, but what many people seem to forget is that this fashion trend was also very popular during the 1980s.

Polka dots had a revival in the 1980s, and consequently a lot of clothing items such as bikinis and blouses featured this very remarkable pattern.

However since the 80s, polka dots have been decreasing steadily in popularity. Nonetheless, the trend is regaining some of its former success during the last couple of years. Hence whether you love it or hate it, polka dots have continued to stand the test of time and remains one of our most memorable 80s casual fashion trends.

6. Neon

80s neon fashion

When you think of the 80s, you can almost be guaranteed that you’ll simultaneously think about vibrant colors and neon. While the beginning of the 80s was actually rather minimalistic and simple, it quickly became clear as time went on that neon conquered all.

Even the more tame and conservative fashionistas of the day incorporated some neon into their wardrobe as it was simply unavoidable. Neon fashion was everywhere during the 80s, and you needed to take part or be labeled a square.

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7. Windbreakers

80s windbreakers

The 80s windbreaker was a popular casual fashion that almost everyone sported. These windbreakers would often come in neon colors, and they were a quick way to add some 80s style to any outfit.

Whether it was going to the mall or just running some quick errands, throwing on a windbreaker was a comfortable and casual 80s fashion that most people took part in.

8. Denim Anything

80s casual denim fashion

Last but certainly not least, a very reliable fashion trend during the 1980s was wearing denim. The double denim fashion trend was huge in the 80s, so you saw it basically everywhere you went.

Whether it was jean jackets or acid wash jeans, to the more colorful patchwork style or the super short jean versions that men would probably like to forget, denim was an unavoidable 80s casual fashion.

Denim was a comfortable item that was also affordable, and it matched with just about anything. Thus it’s really no surprise that it was and still remains a popular fashion trend.

Is 80s Casual Fashion Still Popular?

Till this day 80s casual fashion is still popular, because it really is a timeless fashion. Most of the aforementioned clothes are not outlandishly wild, and for the most part they are very comfortable.

Denim is still popular and will probably never go out of style, while people still love lounging in their workout clothes. Sure maybe things like shoulder pads and polka dots may not be as common, but nobody would fault you for wearing them today.

As with any timeless fashion, clothing that is stylish and comfortable usually tends to transcend the time they were really popular, and we feel that 80s casual fashion is no different.

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