80s crimped hair

80s Crimped Hair

80's Hairstyles May 26, 2022

One of the most memorable hairstyles of the best decade ever was 80s crimped hair. There was nothing quite like the 1980s when it came to fashion trends, and crimped hair was one that was uniquely recognizable.

The wild styles and bright colors made it a very unique time in history. Along with the 80s being a very colorful time, it was also a time for innovation in hairstyle trends.

From the outrageous mohawk to the awkward 80s mullet, to that just woke-up look, the 80s was full of change. And during that time one of the more popular styles for teens and young women was “crimped hair”.

80s crimped hair
80’s Fashion Trend: Crimped Hair

Although the popularity of the crimping of hair started in the 1970s with the help of Geri Cusenza and Barbra Streisand, it would not gain full popularity until the mid-1980s.

This popular hairstyle took normally straight hair and reshaped it into a zigzag pattern with the help of a crimping iron. This wavy look was wild and cool, and women of the 80s gravitated towards it.

What Was 80s Crimped Hair?

Though the crimped hairstyle was popular in the 1980s, to get that frizzy look that women wanted it definitely required some work.

As the name suggests, the crimping iron would heat up the hair just like a curling iron would, except that the hair would become wavy.

80s hair crimping iron
An 80s Hair Crimping Iron Was Needed To Create The Stylish Crimped Hairstyle
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There were a number of different types of heating irons available depending on how deep or why you wanted your hair crimped.

While some preferred a wider crimp that produced a smoother wavelike finish, others preferred their hair to be crimped more deeply.

Famous Crimped Hair Examples

1. Barbra Streisand

Barbara Streisand Was Often Seen With Crimped Hair

While you may not think that Barbra Streisand added that much to the crimped hairstyle, you would be absolutely wrong. Geri Cusenza is considered the inventor of the modern-day crimping iron, and, he specifically developed it specifically for Barbra Streisand’s hair. Although not as popular with the younger generation in the 70s, the crimped hair look would eventually catch on a decade later.

2. Madonna

80s Madonna crimped hair
Madonna Often Rocked Crimped Hair In The 1980s

When Madonna first came on to the music scene, her fashion style was a little more toned down than others in the industry. However, all of that changed when she released the song “Like a Virgin”.

Girls everywhere began following her interesting choice of fashion, which included lace gloves, fishnet stockings, and leather miniskirts. With the help of MTV, Madonna would introduce the crimped hairstyle to teens all over the world.

3. Cyndi Lauper

cyndi lauper crimped
Cyndi Lauper Helped Popularize The Crimped Hairstyle In The 1980s

One of the most well-known names in the 1980s music industry was none other than Cyndi Lauper. She was all over the radio, and thanks to MTV, she became an integral part of the 1980s fashion scene.

She was a very fun and outgoing musician who was known for her over-the-top choice of clothing, makeup, and hairstyles. Since Cyndi Lauper regularly crimped her hair, the style quickly grew in popularity with the younger generation at the time.

4. Brooke Shields

Brooke Shields Hair Crimper
Brooke Shields Shown Crimping Her Hair With Her Own 80s Hair Crimper

Yes, even Brooke Shields played an important role in the development of crimped hairstyles. She was a beauty icon in the 1980s, and as a result, her face and name appeared on many different products.

One of the most popular brands of hair crimpers that were available on the market at the time was marketed with the help of Brooke Shields’ likeness. Teens all across the country just had to have the “Brooke Shields Crimping Kit”.

Is 80s Crimped Hair Still Popular?

While the style peaked in the 1980s it never actually went away. Throughout the 90s and into the new millennium, girls young and old would still crimp and braid their hair in order to achieve that perfect 80s look.

Though not as popular as before, you can still see crimped hair in pop culture today. Regardless of the waning popularity, we will always look back at 80s crimped hair as a style that was too cool for school.

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