80’s Hairstyles

The Jheri Curl | Jerry Curls Hairstyle

Explaining to today’s generation the hair fad called the Jheri Curl or sometimes spelled “Jerry Curls” can be a bit difficult, especially when you tell them about the work and mess involved in creating this memorable 1980s hairstyle. There’s the chemical process of getting a Jheri Curl hairstyle, as well as the excessive upkeep, and that can be a little…

Hair Products Of The 1980s

Even though many things haven’t changed since the 1980s, others are extremely different. For example, hair products from the 1980s just aren’t the same as they are today. Hair Spray Of The 1980s Back in the day, hair spray wasn’t as good at giving us a natural look. When you used something like Aqua Net, your hair tended to become……

Rat Tail Hair – Rat Tail Haircut

80's Hairstyles Jan 02, 2014

If you were around in the 80s, you probably remember the rat tail haircut or “rat tails”. The rat tail hair trend though unsightly now, was actually fairly commonplace during the 1980s.  As well as big hair, mullets and pony tails, rats tails were a common phenomenon during the 1980’s. The rat tail haircut style was popular predominantly among teenage…

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