Slap Bracelets: 80s Fad Fashion Accessory

Bracelets are worn by a lot of people, however there was a bracelet that was really popular among young people in the late 1980s and early 1990s. And that my friends many of you may remember was the slap bracelet.

The Slap Bracelet (also known as Snap Bracelet) was a famous trend fashion item in the late 1980s, and it has become a craze that both boys and girls were drawn to, albeit for different reasons.

slap bracelet

The trendy slap bracelet, also known as a snap bracelet, is simply a flexible metal band that has been gently cushioned and decorated with colorful materials. The cushioning in today’s slap bracelets is an improvement over earlier bands, which tended to be made entirely of metal and cloth. To put on this sort of bracelet, just extend the wrist and lightly slap the bracelet against the wrist.

The slap bracelets have two faces, similar to a simpler version of the ’90s tattoo choker. It wasn’t simply a toy that could be reformed and expanded; it was also a serious fashion item, ideal for children on the verge of maturity, caught between the pre-and post-Internet ages. Slap bracelets provided just that for ’90s youngsters who preferred their toys to be trendy and their fashion to be fun.


The fact that these slap bracelets are very affordable adds to their appeal, which is excellent news for any teenager’s wallet. Another advantage is that the bracelets are available in a variety of colors and designs, allowing them to be as subtle or as crazy as the wearer desires. If the wearer is aiming for a much more uptown style, a slap bracelet may be color coordinated with the clothing, or it can be a wild design that jumps out with ease if the user is going for a more grungy vibe. Slap bracelets in black can also be worn as part of a goth outfit.

The slap bracelet was never very costly, making it a perfect item to exchange with friends. In a typical adolescent style, two females may trade their favorite slap bracelets as a symbol of their friendship. In other instances, all members of a group may opt to wear a slap bracelet with the same color or design as a method of expressing the group’s unity.

slap bracelets


Cheaper fabric and low-grade steel with sharp edges that might corrode and wear through the fabric were apparently used in the knock-off versions that were coming over from Asia. It appeared sensible to put an end to the fad because snap-wrap addicted kids were also snapping the bracelets around their pals’ necks, ankles, and anywhere with a noticeable vein.

During the early days of slap bracelets, several schools decided to prohibit their use during school time. One issue was that the wristbands were being used to smack wrists, resulting in repeated visits to the school nurse. In other cases, the wearing of a certain slap bracelet became popular as a means for groups to get past a school’s clothing rule. Since many of these old limitations have been forgotten, as the slap bracelet regains favor among today’s youth, it’s likely that some school districts may reintroduce them.

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